October usually marks the start of fall and inevitably also brings with it a festive mood. During this period, one of the events that I look forward to is Hacktoberfest - the annual code festival organized by DigitalOcean and GitHub.

As a team which builds data-powered software for ecommerce-focussed companies, we are always on the lookout for incorporating new development practices into our workflow.

Over the past weekend, Semantics3 had a strong showing at the annual hackathon conducted by Sequoia Capital at Bengaluru. With four of our members invited to participate, we decided to enter as a single team.

Followers of our Medium blog might already be familiar with Hari, who leads our business development team. Some of his greatest hits over the years include titles such as The internet isn’t as transparent as you think, What the news won’t tell you about Black Friday and The next tech...